Saturday, March 26, 2011

12.04.2008 - Biopsy Reprieve

From Julian's COTA journal

First thing this a.m. we flew from Phoenix to San Jose, and drove up to Palo Alto. We had a 2:00 clinic visit with the nephrology docs at Lucile Packard Children's, which was to be followed tomorrow by Julian's 6-month kidney biopsy. However, when the docs received the final lab results from last week's pre-biopsy labs, they discovered a bacterial colonization in his bladder. This is nothing new, as bacterial colonization is common for kids with vasecostomies. However, the colonization they discovered was of an unusually high concentration, and was accompanied by a white blood cell count that was outside the acceptable range (too high). As such, they're treating it as a urinary tract infection, and have prescribed an antibiotic to fight the colonization. They've also cancelled the biopsy. The consensus at this point is that the potential information they may garner from the biopsy is not worth the risk of putting Julian under and needling the kidney if there's even a possibility of infection from the bladder that could track up the ureter and infect the new organ.

For our part, we're in full agreement. Julian is doing so well - his blood chemistry is very nearly perfect - that they don't think they would have made any major changes to his medication regimen anyway. So, we're thankful to be off the hook.

Julian is going to have an ultrasound tomorrow morning in lieu of the biopsy, and in six months, we'll try for the 12 month biopsy. In the mean time, we're thankful that he doesn't have to be subjected to a minor surgery, and hopeful that the bladder infection will subside with treatment. Please pray with us to that end.

So, we'll enjoy our time here in the Bay area, and fly home on Sunday.