Saturday, March 26, 2011

10.11.2008 - Back in Colorado

From Julian's COTA journal

Hey everybody!

Just a quick note to tell you that we are back in Colorado and Julian is doing well! We had our first appointment with his Pediatrician on Tuesday, which will be weekly for awhile. Then he had labs on Wednesday, which will also be weekly for awhile. Julian is happy we are all together again, and he seems to need constant reassurance about his Daddy's whereabouts. Several times during the day I'll hear "Hey, where's Daddy?" And I answer him "Daddy is coming home for lunch" or "Daddy will be home from work soon". It's nice living so close to Dave's work where we are able to have him come home for lunch.

We still plan on spending the coldest parts of the winter this year in Gilbert, which would be Thanksgiving through mid-April. It will be good to get Julian out of the harsh cold during his first year post-transplant.

Thanks again for all your support, both prayer support and otherwise. Without trying to pressure any of you, I wanted to mention that we do still have some transplant-related needs financially, both from our time in California, and recurring expenses such as medicine co-pays and recurring trips to Palo Alto to see his Nephrologist. If any of you have the inclination and the means to give a tax-deductible donation (dare I even ask in these economic times?) please click the Donate tab above.

We'll post updates here on the COTA website as we resume a more settled lifestyle here in Colorado. Please check back from time to time for news and photos.

Have a wonderful Fall!

Stacy & David Phillips