Saturday, March 26, 2011

03.26.2011 - Growing Up

Howdy folks!

Seems like it's been forever since we posted anything new to Julian's blog. Overall, Julian is doing great! All three of us are at the tail end of some kind of respiratory/flu bug that seems to have been nagging us for over a month, but hopefully we're at the tail end of it now. It's good to know that Julian can weather that kind of ailment, even on immune suppression.

Some quick updates:

  • Since last post, one of Julian's docs from Palo Alto moved to the University Medical Center in Tucson, so we take him down there for his quarterly appointments now. Nice, since some of our dearest friends live in Tucson, and it gives us the chance for a visit, at least once a quarter.
  • Check some of our family photos here.
  • You can also check some pics from Julian's biopsy trip last May here.

We'll try to post more frequently, especially pictures & videos, so you too can watch Julian grow up!

Thanks for tuning in!