Saturday, March 26, 2011

03.02.2009 - Update

From Julian's COTA journal

It has been awhile since we have updated Julian's COTA website so I thought I would let you know what is going on with him and with us as a family. No news is usually good news, and that is the case now. Julian is doing wonderfully. He has clinic visits once a month with Dr. Joseph of the Phoenix Children's Hospital, and he has labs twice a month. What a departure from the lab/clinic regimen of months past! We have entered into what I hope will be the norm for many many years, with Julian's kidney function being "normal." Praise God!

As far as our situation in life, we are entering into a period where we are putting more and more reliance on the Lord for our daily needs, and looking to Him to provide (just when you thought you WERE relying on Him for most things, you are reminded by circumstances that there are many other areas where you COULD be relying on Him!). Dave's last day at work in Longmont Colorado, where he has been commuting to now for exactly one year, is on Thursday of this week. On Friday he will drive our other car here to Arizona, where we will most likely try to sell it and settle in to having one vehicle. We are excited to live in those challenges that the Lord has provided, relying on Him to make wise decisions on a day to day basis regarding everything He has entrusted into our care.

We're happy to be settling down at last into new house in Gilbert, AZ (see previous post). This will, hopefully, be our "final" address for many many years. This last year we have moved 4 times....or more! I have lost track, actually. I am looking forward to more stability and constancy in every area, and...didn't thing I would ever crave it.....I crave ROUTINE.

We continue to be thankful and grateful for everyone who has stood by us through this time, and want to say that there is definitely still a need, if you feel led to contribute in any way, to Julian's ongoing kidney needs. His medications alone approach about $500 per month in co-pays. You can make a donation through this website and it is tax-deductible.