Saturday, March 26, 2011

05.21.2009 - Good News

From Julian's COTA journal

We went to Half Moon Bay this a.m. to revisit some of our old stomping grounds. What a beautiful day. No actual beach time, but it was great to see the sights and listen to the waves. We found a picnic table at the marina where we ate our lunch, and Julian found a ladybug. We played with it for half an hour. It was still alive when we left.

Then we headed back to LPCH to review biopsy results with the docs. Good news: No rejection, no medicine toxicity. One concern they will study further has to do with what looked like some kind of reflux, but we're told a) it's really common with this kind of biopsy, and b) it's unlikely any actual reflux is taking place, due to Julian's unique urological physiology. So, they're not worried, but will look into it further.

Tomorrow, we head back to LA, where we'll spend a day with friends. Then Sunday, we'll drive back to Phoenix - home sweet home.

Thanks for tuning in.