Saturday, March 26, 2011

09.13.2008 - On The Mend

From Julian's COTA journal

Julian is doing better. When I left he and Stacy in the room last night (I needed some solid sleep at the Donald House), Julian was still on serious O2 support, and he hadn't really ever "come back" post-anesthetic. This morning when I arrived, he had just waken up, and I was greeted with "Daddy." Music to my ears.

He's still pretty low on energy, and coughing from time to time. However, he's on just a whif of Oxygen and saturating in the high 90's. I anticipate he'll be off O2 altogether in the next hour or two. The next step is to restart his feeds via the nasal feeding tube. Once he's off O2 and can tolorate feeds, they'll probably discharge us.

He's still in some pain, which we're managing w/ Tylenol. You can tell by listening to him that it's uncomfortable to talk. He's in good spirits though. Please continue pray for a smooth recovery. The docs told us yesterday that this was going to be a rough week, so please pray for Julian and Stacy both, that they remain in good health.

Thanks everyone.