Saturday, March 26, 2011

12.01.2008 - Biopsy Update

From Julian's COTA journal

I (David) am sitting at the coffee shop in Gilbert, AZ, while Julian takes his nap. It's been a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I'm flying back to Colorado this evening. Then, on Wednesday night, I'm flying back here, so the three of us can fly to San Jose on Thursday morning for Julian's +/-6-month clinic visit. On Friday, he'll have his 6-month biopsy. Not looking forward to that, but hopefully things will go a little smoother than last time. The fact that his tonsils are out should help. Saturday we'll spend relaxing in Palo Alto, then Sunday I'll accompany Stacy and Julian back to Phoenix before hopping another flight back to Denver that evening.

After all that, we can get back to "normal."

We've also been working on the newsletter, which we hope to get in the mail sometime in the next week or two. Included in this year's distribution is everyone who has contributed monetarily to Julian's support through COTA. It's humbling to see all the names on the list (provided by COTA), and all we can do is say Thanks! Whether you've supported us through prayer or by contributing to Julian's fund, we couldn't have done it without you.

Stay tuned toward the end of the week for biopsy updates.