Saturday, March 26, 2011

09.11.2008 - Tonsil Update

From Julian's COTA journal

Ok, I sent the update too soon.

Julian has an emergency tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy tomorrow, he is being admitted tonight. The ENT doc took one look at his tonsils, and although they are just "enlarged" and not necessarily "inflamed" he wants them out. He said he doesn't even need to do the sleep study, he wants them out. There is a slight chance he may be developing PTLD which is Post Transplant Lymphatic mimics Lymphoma and attacks the lymph tissues around the body....the tonsils being the first to be attacked usually...but we are hoping (of course) that he doesn't have this rare disease. The kidney docs will send the tonsil tissue to pathology and get it tested, but they are quite certain it is NOT the case, since Julian does not present any other symptoms associated with this illness. His labs would have shown the presence of PTLD along with other physcial symptoms like unexplained fevers, easy bruising, other enlarged glands, and he has none of these.

Other than that we ask for prayer that the tonsillectomy goes well and there are no complications (including PTLD).

We will keep you updated through the weekend.

Thanks much,