Saturday, March 26, 2011

05.15.2009 - Urology

From Julian's COTA journal

Julian had an ultrasound this a.m., followed by an appointment with Dr. Kennedy, his Urologist. Our concerns for Julian re: all things urological were that if we were to proceed with surgical intervention to restore "normal" urological function, that it may in fact have a negative impact on the new kidney. We learned today that we're in no hurry to make any changes physiologically, that the only real impetus to pursue anything further would have to do with Julian's social consciousness connected to his own continence. I.e. he'll have to wear some manner of diaper from now until whenever we collectively decide to pursue some other course; now we know that we can wait for him to tell us when we should start looking seriously at that option.

Does that make any sense???

Anyway, Dr. Kennedy relayed something once told to him by one of his profs. "No one dies from incontinence; however, people do die from the stupid things doctors do to them unnecessarily." Enough said.

On Sunday, Cheryl arrives for her one-year check up too, so we'll get to spend a couple days with her as well. That should be fun. As for us, we have the weekend off, so we're planning on relaxing and taking in some of our favorite haunts. Maybe even a trip into San Francisco. Things don't start up again for us until Monday morning.

Thanks for tuning in.