Saturday, March 26, 2011

11.01.2008 - Temporary Resolution

From Julian's COTA journal

We are flying to California on Wednesday to get the infusion on Thursday.

Julian is doing much better with his cold, it has nearly run it's course so I feel more confident flying with him, only I will be doing it without Dave so you can pray for me there! We will spend 2 nights, coming back on Friday.

We've already started to make plans for Julian and I (Stacy) to spend the winter months in Phoenix, and as such have started to work with Phoenix Children's in anticipation of the change. Phoenix Children's Hospital has already contacted the Palo Alto team requesting records, and had advised they would be assigning Julian a Nephrologist in the next few days. Wow. What a relief.

Please continue to pray for Julian's health - his cold is not quite over yet. However, it is reassuring to know that, even on immune suppression, he can recover from a cold pretty much on his own.

Stacy & David