Saturday, March 26, 2011

09.14.2008 - And We're Out!

From Julian's COTA journal

We're out! Back at the Ronald McDonald House, and Julian is back to his sunny self. We can tell his throat is still a little tender, as he's speaking only when necessary. However, he's not indicating that he's in any serious pain. I suspect he's a little tired though, even if he won't admit it, so we'll be putting him down for a nap in the next few minutes. Stacy is off to Safeway to procure provisions and fill prescriptions for the week. She'll be back by 4ish, and I'll head off to catch the train to the airport. The timing could scarcely have been better this weekend, considering everything that took place.

So, we'll be here for three more weeks. We have follow-up appointments with ENT, and regular clinics and labs with Nephrology each week until our departure. The plan, assuming Julian remains in good health until we leave, is to leave Palo Alto on the first weekend of October. Of course we'll be back periodically for follow-up care, but we won't be living here any longer. It's been strenuous, all this flying back and forth. But I'll miss it all the same. We've been in the bay area for long enough now that it's started to feel a little like home.

Thanks for keeping tabs on us all this time. Stay tuned.