Saturday, March 26, 2011

05.14.2010 - Wrapping The Day

From Julian's COTA journal

Julian went in for biopsy, and the Docs were unable do it: the organ was surrounded by liver and bowel, such that they were unable to get an unobstructed point of entry into the kidney. The Doc in charge "rolled him every which way" to try to line up a clean shot, but in the end decided it wasn't worth risking a punctured bowel to get a tissue sample. So they didn't even insert the needle.

If Julian's condtion were anything less than stellar, or if he were in rejection, they probably would have gone for it. But because he's doing so well, and because this is only a scheduled protocol biopsy, it's acceptable to skip it.

We're happy with the decision, because a) it's indicative of Julian's overall great condition, and b) the follow-up care on our end is a hardship on all parties involved. "No running or jumping for two weeks following the biopsy." Really? That's pretty much all he does right now.

So, now that Julian has recovered from anasthesia, our goal for the day is to get him fed and rehydrated. This weekend we'll take it easy. Monday we have a follow-up with the Docs to talk about where we go from here, followed by a fluoroscopic study on J's bladder to check for signs of reflux and overall bladder health. After that, the drive home.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for us. Julian did great today, recovered well from the ordeal, and we pray that he'll continue to do well for years to come.