Saturday, March 26, 2011

05.18.2009 - Annual Check-Up

From Julian's COTA journal

Cheryl Humble, Julian’s kidney donor, arrived on Sunday morning for her annual check-up. We went for a walk around the mall across the road, where there happens to be a display of play-houses that have been designed, built and donated by local architects. The houses are being raffled off for charity, but until then, they’re on display. We had a great time walking around, exploring the mini-homes. After that, it was time for a nap and dinner. A good day.

This morning, we went for Julian’s pre-biopsy check-up, and Cheryl went for her annual. Julian and Cheryl are both doing very well. A couple tweaks to Julian’s med regimen, an adjustment to his daily fluid intake, and overall reduction in the number of times he has to go for labs. All routine. The docs are thrilled with his progress, and so are we.

Tomorrow, we check in for Julian’s biopsy at 8:00 a.m. Please pray that all goes well, as there are several real risks to this kind of procedure, including bleeding, blood clots, and general infection. We content ourselves in the knowledge that these doctors do this kind of thing all the time, and that God will be with them and Julian in the operating room.

Stacy drove Cheryl to the airport this afternoon. We should get preliminary results back on Thursday, and if all goes to plan, we could be headed home as early as Friday morning.

Stay tuned.