Friday, November 14, 2008

12.23.2007 - Change in Plans

From Julian's COTA Journal.

Sorry for the delay everyone - it's been a bit hectic this holiday season. Stacy, Julian and I were in training for Julian's dialysis for the past two weeks, but early last week, a complication arose in his treatment that prevented us from proceeding with his treatment or from taking the dialysis equipment home and treating him here. Basically, the catheter used for his peritoneal dialysis had migrated up in the peritoneal cavity, which effectively disabled it. Our training nurse and the doctors have seen this kind of thing before, and it may resolve itself as time passes. If not, though, the surgeons may have to go back inside and reposition the catheter so it will work properly. We're not too keen on that alternative, so we're praying that the situation will resolve itself. Julian goes back for a follow-up x-ray in early January, after which we can finish up our training and start to treat him at home.

In the mean time, Stacy took Julian to Phoenix to spend Christmas with her folks. They'll return on the 26th.

Please continue to pray for Julian's health. So far, he's still the happiest little boy I know - 25 pounds of sunshine!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!