Friday, November 14, 2008

11.28.2007 - Dialysis Surgery

From Julian's COTA Journal.

Please pray - tomorrow's the day.

We check Julian in at Denver Children's Hospital at 10:30 a.m. for his surgery at 12:30. The catheter surgery is an outpatient procedure, so I don't anticipate it will take very long. However, we're always nervous when our boy goes under the knife, so obviously we'll be praying for a successful operation.

We're told it should take about a week for the catheter to heal in, after which we'll start training for Dialysis. Training will take place at Children's Hospital, and can take up to 10 days: that'll be a bit trick to work in around my work schedule, but my employers have been incredibly supportive of Stacy and I through all of this (thanks guys). Once training is complete, we'll dialyze Julian at home while he sleeps. All of this is big and new and scary for Stacy and I, even though the docs are telling us it's really not that big a deal. Julian however, is a ray of sunshine through all of this, having no idea that anything is out of the ordinary. He really is an incredible blessing, and a source of encouragement to Stacy and me.

We just spent Thanksgiving in Phoenix (family) and SoCal (Mickey & friends) - one last hurrah before we make the big change. After everything settles down and we're close to establishing a routine, we plan on spending a quiet Christmas at home here in Colorado.

The newsletters are on the way... most of them anyway. In the mean time, please pray for Julian's health as we make the change to life with dialysis.