Monday, November 17, 2008

05.08.2008 - Moving Targets

From Julian's COTA Journal.

We currently have no set surgery date.

Yesterday was a flurry of activity, and the schedule seemed to change a dozen times over the course of the day: Monday- no, wait, Tuesday- no-no, now it's Thursday- looks like we'll have to push it into next week- hold on, we're on again for Thursday. And so on. In the end, the Docs have yet to run one more test, which they can't administer until Wednesday of next week. So we wait.

It's exhausting, all this waiting.

The upside is that Stacy and Julian are well. He has a bit of a cough that seems to come and go, but that may be connected with allergies. It's certainly the right time of year, and if he's inherited any of my genes in that regard, allergies will be a big part of his future.

I'm flying back to Palo Alto tomorrow night, and I'll stay through the weekend. Stacy is taking the night off, and staying with Cheryl at her hotel. Julian and I will have a boys night (maybe we'll go see Ironman!), and on Saturday, I want to take him to the Cable Car Museum in San Francisco. Should be fun.

Thanks for checking in. Please continue to pray for all of us. Waiting is hard work.