Monday, November 17, 2008

05.03.2008 - Transplant Update

From Julian's COTA Journal.

We’re in the final phase of testing for our friend and potential live-donor, Cheryl Humble. At this point, we’re just waiting for some final test results. If all goes to plan, and Cheryl is approved as the donor, we’ve been advised that the transplant could take place as soon as May 12th, 2008. Good news! If the 12th doesn’t work out for some reason, the next opening in the transplant schedule is May 27th, 2008.

We’re so grateful that Cheryl has made herself so available during this time. She’s willing to stay with us here in Palo Alto until the transplant takes place, assuming that the May 12th date works out. For those who don’t know Cheryl, she’s from Rhode Island, so it’s not like she can just drive home for the weekend – this is a major commitment for her, and we’re thankful.

In the mean time, Julian is on hemo-dialysis three times per week, for three hour sessions each time. I sat with him yesterday. He’s a very good sport, but it’s hard for him not to get bored. Just sitting there. For three. Long. Hours. But that may all be changing in about a week. If the 12th works out, they’ll admit him on Saturday the 10th, start prepping him and Cheryl on the 11th, and conduct the surgery on the 12th.

That’s all for now – thanks for checking in.