Thursday, February 03, 2011

09.10.2008 - Winding Down

From Julian's COTA Journal

Hello dear Friends and Family.

It has been almost 4 months since Julian's transplant, and it appears we will be winding down our stay soon. Technically we could have left as early as this week, but Julian has an Ear/Nose/Throat consultation tomorrow to try to shed some light on the obstructive sleep apnea he seems to have developed over the last few months. We really don't feel comfortable leaving without some answers or some interventions on the table, as OSA can be a serious and sometimes deadly problem to have. I believe several factors are involved...his NG tube which causes congestion in his nose, and the fact that he gained 40% of his body weight in 12 weeks which I am sure is causing pressure on his throat which wasn't there before. During the deepest sleep, it just doesn't want to stay open. They may suggest taking his tonsils out, which we would want to do here. We don't know. The first step will probably be a sleep study. Again, timing-wise I don't know.

So, we could be leaving this weekend or it could be a few weeks.

Kidney-wise, he is doing fabulously. His case is very "boring" which the docs like. He had his 3 month biopsy on Friday and the preliminary reports are indicating there are no signs of early rejection, and the prograf toxicity to the new kidney is extremely-low-to-none. Rather ironic that one of the main immunosuppressant drugs also is nephrotoxic. Usually, in high doses which he is past needing.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Take care everyone!