Thursday, February 03, 2011

08.28.2008 - Sleep Disorder

From Julian's COTA Journal

A quick note with a prayer request this morning.

Over the past few weeks, we've been noticing Julian snoring more and more at night. This past week, it seemed to have gotten worse, to the point where from time to time it sounded like he was gagging. Two nights ago, Stacy got very little sleep, as she was up with him for most of the night, constantly having to remind him to breathe while he sleeps. Last night, Stacy brought his car seat up to the room to see if he could sleep in that. I have yet to hear whether the change in position made a difference.

Obviously, this kind of thing is disruptive to everyone's sleep - Julian's and ours. Neither one of us can stay up with him constantly, especially in this season when there's frequently only one parent present. We're all suffering at this point.

Stacy is going to press the issue today in clinics. Please pray that the docs will have some constructive direction as to how to proceed: Do we alter his meds? Remove his tonsils? ??? In the mean time, please pray that we can all sleep soundly - and safely - through the night.