Monday, February 02, 2009

06.15.2008 - Doing Well

From Julian's COTA journal.

I'm sitting at San Jose Int'l waiting for my flight back to Colorado. I just spent an extended stay w/ Stacy and Julian following his surgery last Monday. Julian is doing well - happy as ever, healthy and growing. We're thrilled with his progress, and the docs are in love with him (he has that effect on people). Cheryl just had her follow-up and she's doing well too. She flew home to Rhode Island yesterday morning.

We spent this afternoon at Half Moon Bay and Pacifica, watching the waves ("wabes" in Julian-speak) and surfers. Very exciting and peaceful at the same time. There's an undeniable serenity in the sound of the surf. We love the ocean, even if we can't go in it for the time being (doctor's orders).

The plane is here - time to fly away to Colorado. Until next time...