Monday, February 02, 2009

05.26.2008 - Withdrawl

From Julian's COTA journal.

Rough night last night.

Julian was slightly feverish and "twitchy" or "tremulous" - which means he'd be just about asleep, and then jolt himself awake in some degree of apparent pain or disorientation. This went on pretty much all night. We tried an anti-anxiety med at around midnight, but it had an opposite effect: Julian was indeed lucid and relaxed (as opposed to anxious) but he was wide awake! Around 2 a.m. we tried another med to try to induce some sleep. No luck. Around 4 a.m. he was due for his next dose of oxycodone (sp?), which had the effect of bringing him back to a state of drifting off, then jolting awake. Finally, around 6, he was able to sleep without waking, for about an hour.

When the new nurse showed up after the 7:00 shift change, we reviewed the night, along with his other symptoms, and she suggested it may in fact be narcotic withdrawal, following the discontinuation of all of his IV pain meds. Sigh. Not much you can do but wait it out I'm afraid. They can have the "pain team" come in and give him something to ease the effects of withdrawal, but at this point we think the worst is over.

It's mid-afternoon, and he's had a pretty good day so far. Back to Mr. Sunshine, albeit a bedridden Mr. Sunshine. He's even asking for food! And that is no small thing! Right now he's munching on dry Cheerios as he watches Charlie & Lola on tv. I've been taking it easy, trying to catch some z's on the couch in his room before I catch the CalTrain to the San Jose airport - I didn't get a lot of sleep myself last night. I'm back in Colorado (barring anything unforeseen in the next few hours) for the next few days, then back here through his discharge, which should happen around the first of next week. Stacy will be here at the hospital on her own for three days until I return on Thursday night.

Pray that all goes to plan, and that Julian continues to progress and remain in good health. Also, pray for Stacy for the next few days. Weathering this together is difficult; going it alone is exponentially more so.