Monday, January 19, 2009

05.23.2008 - Recovery Cont'd Cont'd

From Julian's COTA journal.

Stacy here...

Resting not-so-comfortably is how I would describe Julian right now. Cheryl wheeled herself over from the adult-side to see him, and that was special. To those of you who have sent flowers to Cheryl, thank you. They brighten her room.

It looks as though Cheryl may be discharged tomorrow, with a follow-up appointment in one week and two weeks, respectively. She is still in considerable pain, but semi-ambulatory. We can't even begin to express the depth of our gratitude for what this lady has done for our son and for us. Thank you, Cheryl.

To any of you who have donated to Julian's fund, I am just starting to get my thank-you notes out, but I wanted to thank you right here, right now, also. It is a resource we can use to offset some of the expenses we've incurred here in California. For any who wish to donate, you may click on and click "donate". Much thanks, and it is tax-deductible.

Julian is battling pain right now, as he heals from his transplant. We are praying the pain becomes less as time goes by, and that he is more comfortable than he is right now, very very soon. Dave and I are doing trade-offs, with Dave on the night shift and me on the mid-day shift with a few breaks from him here and there. It has been so wonderful to have Dave here, and we are struggling with whether or not Julian's state of being will allow Dave to go back to Colorado on Monday night or not. We'll put off that decision until Monday.

Julian has some congestion right now in his lungs, which he is afraid to cough up because it hurts too much. Hopefully in the next day or two he will feel more confident that coughing won't hurt as much.

Meanwhile the kidney is doing well as far as we can tell. They did an ultrasound today and we don't have the results back of that yet, but we'll let you know.

That's it for now.....