Tuesday, December 23, 2008

05.18.2008 - The Calm Before...

From Julian's COTA journal.

I'm at Starbucks across from the Ronald MacDonald House, where Julian and Stacy are taking a nap. Today is the last day before we "turn the page."

It's been a good weekend - low key. Another trip up to San Francisco yesterday around lunch, followed by another trek down PCH to Pacifica to watch the waves from the pier. Lots of laughter, lots of quality time. Today we went to Whole Foods before heading to the Stanford University campus to walk around in the sunshine. Good times running around the cobbled cloisters and watching student families play volleyball on the quad. He's so happy and so full of energy.

Tomorrow, we report for dialysis at 9 a.m. Immediately following session, we head to admitting, and then on to our room. Cheryl will be admitted tomorrow as well. They'll start Julian on his transplant med cocktail tomorrow evening.

Then Tuesday is surgery.

I was just on the phone with a friend, who asked if we're starting to get nervous. I told him nervous was an understatement. We've been told that the developmental milestones post-transplant will be pretty mind-boggling, and that he'll have "all kinds of energy" - like he doesn't have energy now.

Still, it's an elective surgery with a 97% survival rate.

Which are pretty good odds.

But I still wish there were another way.

Almost time for the fam to wake up, so I'll sign off here. Stay tuned.

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